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So you’ve got the leggings/skinny jeans plus oversized stripe tee look nailed. Now what?

Even as a Personal Stylist , it really took me having my second baby to understand and appreciate the mama uniform. And to really appreciate anything high waisted that held in my mum-tum.

I cringe a little at all the dresses I thought I could get away with while working the park and playground scene with a curious (read: cheeky AND FAST) toddler and new baby. And while I’ve adapted my before-kids style to my current situation, it took some time, some experimenting and really an element of surrendering to this season in my life. A season that is messy and sticky and busy. Where cotton and machine-washable clothing rules.

Despite a clothing mental shift, the last few years has really reinforced the importance of self care. A little effort with your outfit and appearance can have an enormous impact on your outlook and entire day. And if mama feels good and is happy, everyone benefits.

But that doesn’t have to be much and it doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money.

Here is some tips you can try right away to create some new outfits.

Print mixing

Mixing prints

You can mix prints – even stripes!

Have you got a couple of black and white printed pieces of clothing? Every worn them together? Print mixing is an easy way to create an interesting outfit without spending a thing. Black and white with black and white nearly always works and may just mean a couple more outfits.

Style tips:

  • Two prints at a time is enough (three max).
  • One big and one little print is best.
  • Stripes a good choice (and yes, you can mix stripes).


London Scout on Unsplash

Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

Sometimes the answer to getting an outfit to feel fresh or feel like you have more clothes than you think, is to do some layering. You’d be amazed how many options you can create just layering a white or stripe t-shirt over and/or under your dresses.

Some more ideas:

  • Jeans + Shirt dress/oversized tunic + Fitted jumper.
  • Black jeans + long sleeve t-shirt (worn loose) + denim jacket (buttoned up) + scarf looped around neck
  • Turtleneck + Dress + Jacket/coat.

Tying and cuffing

Sometimes it’s not about wearing new things but wearing things new ways.

For example:

  • T-shirt dress or sweater dress with long sleeve top over the top but knotted at the waist.
  • Black jeans with long sleeve printed top but knot the top at the waist on the side.
  • Showing some ankle and/or wrist is always flattering. While not necessarily practical in Winter, come Spring play around with cuffing or folding up your jean hems and also pushing or cuffing your longer tops or causal jackets (think denim or khaki anoraks/parkers).
  • Cuffing pants can also dress the item way down so it can be a way to incorporate a more dresser work pant from your pre-baby life into your current wardrobe.

Does your mum uniform need an update

Double denim

The key to pulling this look off is making sure the denim shades are very different. Think pale denim chambray shirt with very dark blue or black jeans. White boyfriend jeans with light denim jacket.

All in one outfits

Dresses can still absolutely work for the mama life – even chasing toddler in the park.

Some tips:

  • Think about the length – knee to midi length is best. A dropped hemline (where it’s longer at the back) is also very flattering and functional.
  • A t-shirt dress or a shirtdress are great options. ( A shirt dress is basically a dress for every mum at every stage that can be work done all the way up, worn open like a coat/kimono or work as a top either tucked or over pants/jeans).
  • Jumpsuits and overalls can be a great no-brainer outfit that may feel more practical than a dress for the park but equally as fun to wear.

Mums deserve to feel great. And it only takes a little bit of effort and creativity to make your wardrobe feel fresh and put a smile on your face.


Guest Blog by Gemma Williams

About Gemma

Gemma WilliamsI’m a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant. As an accredited Stylist with the Australian College of Professional Styling and having worked with women across the country, I know what you wear can change your life.

My New Style On Demand package is created with the busy mum in mind who might need some outfit inspiration, might have an event to dress her new body for, perhaps needs to update the basics of her mama uniform or might be returning to work and needs some help. Email me or visit my site. You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Katie 2 years ago

    Awesome article! Getting dressed and not looking like something the cat dragged in, is a massive challenge 😂
    Some photos to go with this though would be an even bigger help xx

    • Author
      Nikki.McCahon 2 years ago

      Hahah agreed! We’ll definitely take that onboard and get some photos next time, thank you for the feedback xx

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