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I want to start this by saying that this article is in no way sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Kmart, I’m just a Kmart groupie like you! I’ve spent wayyyyy too many hours walking through the isles and driving between stores to track down the new homeware item when they drop. I follow so many of the Kmart insta my feed is pretty much a kmart catalogue. I get tagged in all of the Kmart memes. It’s gotten to the point my husband imposed a ‘cushion ban’ after I bought so many we almost couldn’t fit on the bed (seriously, Kmart’s cushion game is on point!). If there is a job where I get to buy things from Kmart, please pass along my details.

We all know that Kmart bring the goods on the homewares front, but damnnnnnnn Kmart, you’re bringing the goods on the ladies fashion front now too! I ducked in over the weekend for a couple of things for Arley and ended up leaving with a bunch of on trend shorts, playsuits and shoes for myself. Because I’m all about sharing the Kmart love, I’ve put together a couple of mama friendly outfits that are PERFECT for day to day running around, the beach and family days. If you like this article, let me know – putting it together was heaps of fun – kind of like shopping, but without spending any money! Enjoy! x

Day to Day Look… aka I’ve run out of activewear

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love activewear as much as the next mum. I feel like if I’m running errands in activewear people will think the reason my hair is a mess, I have no make up on and look like I have been hit by a car is because I’ve just done a really big work out (definitely didn’t lol). That I’m juggling being a mum and being active, so  I must have my sh%t together (definitely don’t lol). Also sometimes just the act of putting on my joggers is almost like getting dressed for battle. It makes me feel like I’m ready for the day –  bring it.  Kinda like how a boxer puts on his gloves and gets into the ring or a SWAT team puts on their full body armour and walks towards the riot. Except my riot is a feisty, shrieking, always on the run toddler.

BUT, as much as I love it, every now and then it’s nice to wear something that isn’t Lycra. So, I present to you the Day to Day Look. Perfect for the park, coffee runs, errands, shopping etc. Still wearing runners, because – Toddler – but mixing it up a bit with everything else. Now, in the name of research I bought these shorts myself and they are THE CUTEST and also THE COMFIEST.

Day to Day


Details + links

Mock Suede Cap – for keeping bed hair secret.

Sunnies – for hiding no sleep.

Australian Cotton V Neck Tee – stripes are a mamas staple, am I right?

Tie Waist Shorts – for looking cute (also come in denim, khaki and black).

Vintage Microsuede Lace Shoes – for chasing toddlers.

Blue Quilt Backpack – for infinity snacks/nappies/bottles/sippy cups/ everything.


Beach, please

Ahhh beachwear shopping, also known as every woman worst nightmare and a total minefield. Well, if you thought it was bad pre-kids, now we have the extra requirements of needing something you can bend down and scoop kids up in and run after wayward toddlers in. And as much as we appreciate our bodies for the miracle that they have produced, a lot of us can feel a little self conscious about new parts of our bodies after a bub. For me, I have a new appreciation for high waisted EVERYTHING as well as Kaftans. Well, I don’t want to call it early but I’m pretty sure I have nailed it with this look. HELLO underwire + removable push up bikini top! THANK YOU floor length Kimono! GOOD DAY high waisted bikini bottoms!



Details + links

Paper Braid Floppy Hat – for preventing sunburn + looking super glam.

Metal Trim Brow Bar Sunnies – for people watching in secret.

Bow Front Bikini top – for boobs.

High Waist Bikini Bottoms – for flattering mum tums.

Longline Kaftan – for covering whilst chasing/bending and also for looking fancy.

Cross Band Scuff Slides in Tan – that are super comfy.


Sunny Sundayze

For those days when we get to head out as a little fam bam, going to the markets or the beach or out for breakfast it’s nice to have something a little special. Now again, in the name of research (seriously, the things I do for you guys…) I bought the playsuit and can tell you that it is definitely cute, super lightweight, the elastic back means it’s roomy and it’s also Breast Feeding friendly with the tie front that you can undo. All things I really HAD to buy it to find out. I’m still tracking down these slides as the two stores I have been too are sold out of my size, but they look amazing in real life – I am OBSESSED with the rose gold metallic, but they also come in black and tan (which is in the Beach look).

Family Days


Details + links

Polarised Sunnies – for sun protection + looking cool.

Flutter Sleeves Playsuit – that I haven’t taken off since I bought it and may need to be buried in.

Bomber Jacket – LOVE anything Chambray.

Mini Backpack – because  mums also double as pack horses, carrying all of the treats/snacks.

Cross Band Scuff Slides in Rose Gold – that I am visiting every Kmart on the Gold Coast in search of.


That’s it guys! I hope you liked it and let me know if you would like another in the future, I’ll happily do some shopping research for you ANYTIME.

Article by Nikki McCahon


About Nikki

Nikki is mama to one year old Arley, wife to Darren and one half of Mama Tribe. She describes herself as a professional baby spammer, coffee addict and emoji enthusiast. She likes memes, boxing and shopping. She dislikes writing about her self in the third person.

You’ll find her Instagram @nikkimccahon




*please note all prices were correct at the time of posting, please refer to the Kmart website for up to date pricing and info*

  1. Ness 4 years ago

    Love the looks 😍

  2. Joanne Quick 4 years ago

    I love kmart too.
    Would love more of these. The items you picked looked great and i will be steeling some idea.

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