Guess who’s back.

Back again.

Kmart edits back.

Tell a friend.

Well ladies, the last one went off like a toddler in Westfield. Pretty sure everyone at a Mama Tribe mum meet up in October is going to be wearing that playsuit. I had this situation at Kmart myself…


I’m not going to lie, it’s not the first time it’s happened.

A couple of people walked past me and my Kmart playsuit and shoes like #awks #lolz #howembarassing but I’m not ashamed. I’m a Kmart mama through and through. And that mannequin made me look super tanned. I think I might get one to pose with in all photos from now on. Will save a fortune in spray tans.

Back to the edit, you guys loved it. And you’ve got to give the people what they want. So here’s another edit this time NINE looks including THREE ACTIVEWEAR looks. There’s some seriously cute stuff in here, and a couple of surprises too…

Before I go, if you’re a mama reading this and you’re not quite sure who we are and what we’re about make sure you check us out. This mama gig is full on, and a bit isolating at times. It can be downright lonely, and that’s not fun. We’re here to help you find a tribe of mamas to meet up with in your local area and form awesome friendships with. The kind where you tag each other in memes, have each others back and look out for one another. We’d love you to join the tribe, find a mama friend and BE a mama friend.

P.S – I had a lot of mamas asking whether or not the items are breast feeding friendly, so I’ve highlighted the BF friendly options for you to make it a little easier.





Perfect outfit for date night, a special lunch or maybe an afternoon with the girls.

This Chifley Trip Top $15 comes in a few other colours like black and a powder pink. Black is probably more mum-life practical but I love me a white top. And that’s what nappy san is for, right?

These jeans $20 are the perfect combo of highwaisted, skinny leg and ripped.

Brown Wood Look Heels $25 – wooden shoes are so boho right now.

Tassel Crossbody Bag in Brown $15 – I love me a tassel.


A very ‘seed heritage-esque’ (not a word, but I’m running with it) dress. It’s a broderie dress (not lace, but I won’t let that stand in the way of a good pun) giving strong ‘just stepped of my yacht’ vibes. Just above knee length you could dress this one up with heels or keep is cas’ with some flats. Breastfeeding friendly you can easily pull the top part down.

Cat eye sunnies $8 have us feline fine.

I’m a super lazy closet bogan who wears Havanna thongs everywhere and have been making an effort to class my shoe game up a bit. Well actually I busted my Havannas at the park and haven’t had the chance to go grab some new ones, but same same. These two band metallic slides $8 do the trick and are super comfy!

Buckle shoulder bag  $20 – that you could almost carry your toddler in. Seriously, it’s huge.


On Wednesdays we wear pink




I don’t know if it’s a reaction to having a son and suddenly being surrounded by two men, but I’m currently obsessed with all things pink/blush.

Off the shoulder split sleeve top $15 – *could be breastfeeding friendly (sorry guys I haven’t seen this one in person yet so I don’t want to say it’s a definite) – this colour looks ammmaaaaazing.

Grey Felted Floppy Hat $12 – adds a some mystery/ sun protection/ bad hair day disguise.

Pink Jeans! Pink Jeans! This is not a drill! They’re actually called ‘Lift and Shape Jeans’ $15 and if their name is anything to go by this is all I’m going to wear now. Higher, pink jeans, higher!

Buckle Bag $20 strikes again. Seriously it’s a must have bag, I think this colour is my fave too.

These mules also come in a pastel pink but I used a little restraint and went for the Grey Mules $15.

A lady in the street


So this outfit is definitely channelling these  kind of pinterest fashion vibes. The shirt and shoes say ‘oh this old thing, I’m not even trying’ and the skirt and bag say ‘I’M FANCY AF’.

Image via pinterest

So you can tie the bottom of the shirt up a little to give that ‘accidentally cool’ look… if that’s your thing.

Knotted t-shirt. Image via pinterest

I’m still yet to master the cool shirt tie. I seem to end up with a mini peen on my front every time I try.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Told you. Strong peen tying skillz. When WILL THE PEEN TIES COME IN FASHION???

Here’s the deets for lady in the street:

Crew cuffed tee $5 – not even trying to look cool. I woke up like this.

Pleated skirt $20 for twirling

Sparkly, shiny, sequin-y cross body bag $12 – I’m a simple girl.  If it’s got sparkles TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

Casual flatform sneakers $8 because we’re accidentally cool, remember?


Date Night


Cute outfit for a date night, girls night, family outing etc.

The playsuit fabric is making a comeback (actually Kmart have a load of items in this fabric ATM) in the form of a maxi dress $20. Tie waisted = super flattering, brings in your waist and ‘flows’ over everything else. Butterfly front = breastfeeding friendly.

Tassel Crossbody Bag in Brown $15 – TASSELS! Did you see the Tassels?!

Brown Wood Look Heels $25  – wooden look shoes for those boho/ hippie vibes.





Paper braid floppy hat $7 –  fun fact. I have a large head (not like in an ‘I’m up myself’ way, but in a physically my head is abnormally large way) so I can’t buy any hats from Kmart. Sad face. Let me live vicariously through you with this glam floppy hat-ty goodness.

Sunnies $5 – Aviators are a classic!

Scrappy A line Maxi $20 – tip of the day. A line maxis are where it’s at. Don’t give me anything but an A line and bias cut can seriously go jump. Who looks good in a bias cut other than VS models?

Tan Slides $8 alright, alright you got me. I featured these in the last Kmart edit. But seriously, they are awesome and go with everything!

Buckle bag $20 – This one again? Yep. Seriously it’s good. Maybe you could even fit TWO kids in there.




Anyone else do one home workout and check to see if they have abs? …..Yeah me neither.

I’m all about the animal prints, and this understated leopard print crop $15 is purrrffect. It’s giving stealth leopard feels without being all up in yo’ face leopard lady.

Next we have a camo print singlet $15 –  now some might say you shouldn’t clash prints, but Leopard = fast cat vibes and camo = invisibility.  How can you argue with that? Even if you tried to argue with me you couldn’t find me because INVISIBLE.

Everest active training shorts $15 because whenever I wear anything Everlast I feel like I’m some kind of boxing prodigy /champion athlete. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeee

Shoes $20  kinda cute, for joggers.

Oh wait, what? Where is this uber cool and totally functional water bottle from? OMG it’s from Mama Tribe and just $15. No, not from Kmart, but totally cute. Also we’re using the proceeds to fund our website, Mama Tribe growth and more articles like this one.  #shamelessplug #buyme


Zen AF


Yoga mamas gather round, this ones for you.

Fancy twisted front pink crop $9–  is almost too pretty to workout in.

Grey slouchy tee $12 – with the straps that match your new pink crop.

Gold yoga mat $20 –  cause you’re a damn queen and non gold yoga mats are for peasants.

3/4 Active Grey leggings $14 – grey leggings to match our colour scheme and break up the all black wardrobe.

Wait for it…. here it comes… Oh look a Mama Tribe coffee cup! Perfect for that after yoga coffee run, life’s all about balance right? Oh and you can get a pack of the coffee cup, water bottle and a bag tag for just $35? Amazing!


Activewear Activewear


Activewear. Activewear. 

Ahhh, I leave you with my personal favourite use for activewear. Lazing about the house, drive through coffee runs and a quick duck to woolies.

Comfy loose singlet $6 –  racer back because straps are annoying and are just ANOTHER thing I have to pick up.

Tracksuit pants  $15 – why do they even put these tracksuit pants in the activewear section? Does anyone really work out in tracksuit pants? The closest my tracksuit pants have gotten to exercise is me power walking to the fridge. Kmart even had the balls to call these ‘joggers’. lol no jogging gonna to happen in these Kmart.

Wire/seam free crops $15 (two pack) *Breast feeding friendly* – these are amazing for sleeping, super comfy. Like a warm supportive hug for your boobs. They don’t have a feeding clip but super stretchy and easy manoeuvre.

Piglet Ear Slippers $8 –  Because we both know the runners are just for show. Just make sure you take them off before you get out of the car.


Alright mamas, thats it for this edit! Let me know what you think and if you loved it can you do me a favour and SHARE THE LOVE – tag your Kmart obsessed friend, your mum, your weird neighbour, tell random strangers etc. I’m think Kmart owe me a $20 playsuit out of this, am I right?

*please note all prices and information was correct at the time of creation, but check out the Kmart website for up to date pricing and info*


Nikki is mama to one year old Arley, wife to Darren and one of the founders of Mama Tribe. She describes herself as a professional baby spammer, coffee addict and emoji enthusiast. She likes memes, boxing and shopping. She dislikes writing about her self in the third person.

You’ll find her Instagram @nikkimccahon




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