Now, I don’t know about you, but each year on Christmas Eve my husband has to mysteriously run an errand and pulls together my gift. I know, I know it’s not all about presents – thats exactly my point – it’s about the thought that goes into it, which brings me to my next point;

LISTEN UP DUDES + PRESENT GIVERS – you need to put a bit of thought into the present, you don’t have to, I repeat you don’t have to (but can if you want…) spend bulk cash. It’s the THOUGHT. underline, exclamation mark!, bold, ALL CAPS. It’s the thought we care about. 

I’ve included some items you can purchase, but also some items that your little ones (and big ones!) can make. Christmas isn’t about dropping loads of cash – some of the best and most treasured presents are often those that cost next to nothing but are packed full of love. Awwwww.

P.S. This blog is in no way sponsored or endorsed etc. by the companies I have featured – I’m not getting free product for featuring them – these are just things I love that I hope you will too!



First up the stuff you can buy!

OK, now don’t get me started about how mums miss out on candid photo opportunities, but here is a beautiful present that you will no doubt treasure for years to come. I love illustrations because they’re a bit of a twist on the standard framed photo and they almost feel like a bit of art for your house too.

Here are my two favourite illustrators:

A Little Bite By Grace

Grace is Sydney Mama Tribe mama who’s Instagram is full of gorgeous illustrations, in fact when Mama Tribe first started she created this beautiful illustration for us which has become such an important image for us! We have it on our website, social media and I even have it framed in my office. I love it. 

Our Mama Tribe illustration

Grace can create a custom illustration for you from an image of your choice and you can purchase your illustration directly through her Etsy store.

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: Grab your custom illustration here and receive 20% off the RRP of a custom A Little Bite illustration using the code “MAMATRIBE20” at checkout. 

The Illustrated

Melissa Satfanovski is the mama behind ‘The Illustrated’ – she creates incredible personalised water colour illustrations that first caught my eye in Mama Disrupt. I was lucky enough to have Melissa create a piece that I gave my husband for Fathers Day, and he (and I!) absolutely love it. 

Illustration of my two loves

Melissa can create your custom illustration from an image of your choice and you can get in contact with her via her Instagram or email.

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: Receive $20 off the price of your custom illustration. Prices start at AU$65.00 for an illustration from a photograph and is for a digital image only.  Prices increase based on number of faces and complexity of the image.  Printing and postage is an additional fee.  Offer ends 31st December 2017.  Quote “MAMA TRIBE” in your inquiry to claim offer.


Personalised Jewellery

Eden Zoe create gorgeous personalised necklaces, bracelets and rings.  You can have each piece hand stamped to include names, special dates or anything else that is special to you!

I’m a big fan of the Zara initial necklace in rose gold ($50) + the rose bar necklace ($78) – and if you can’t decide on one – they also look great layered! You can stalk more designs on their Instagram. 



Monogrammed Pyjamas

Alright, let’s be real. Social life? What’s that? My idea of a good friday night is pyjamas, netflix and a bottle of red. And seeing as we spend so much time in pjs, (but not getting any sleep) we should definitely have some some that make us feel glam and comfy at the same time.

You’ve probably worked out by now that I’m a sucker for anything personalised (and not just because some days I’m so exhausted I can’t remember my own name) and there are loads of options for personalised pjs. Here are some of my favourites:

Homebodii are a super glam bridal/ lounge wear brand that have STUNNING bridal robes, pyjamas, maternity robes and now – kids robes (cuteness overload!). All of their products are super soft and feminine (think lots of pastels, lace + florals). They have a cute short sleeved silky pj set featuring a personalised crest monogrammed (so regal) which comes in three colours – ivory, black + rose, I’m a fan of the black because #mumlife. They retail for $89.95 + have After pay.

Jasmine + Will this range is a bit more on the expensive side but they are cotton + pretty luxe. I’m a fan of the white boyfriend shirt ($129.95), which looks uber comfy, they also have some cute top + bottom sets ($149.95).  If you fall in love with one of their designs, they offer 10% off your first purchase when you sign up via their website.

Sleeping with the Enemy – have a great range of colours + lengths, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect combo for you. Their pjs are satin and come in short sleeve, long sleeve, short pants + long too (lot’s of options) they range in price depending on the lengths you choose ($99.95 – $130). I bought the summer monogrammed PJs in blush for my wedding ‘getting ready’ outfit and I can confirm they are super comfy.

Eliza Hazel Designs

For the mama who has everything or the mama who loves a little everyday luxury scented candles are guaranteed to be used and enjoyed! Eliza Hazel Designs is the new baby of my friend and Melbourne Mama Tribe Mama Eliza. Having personally tried and tested her candles during her manufacturing process I can personally vouch for them being the best I have ever used (and boy, have I used a lot!) the scent is strong + they last for ages.

Be prepared to have an irrational desire to eat the Caramel + Vanilla candle. The day I got my Vanilla + Caramel candle my husband walked in the door so excited that I was baking something  – needless to say he was bitterly disappointed when he realised it was a candle, not my baking that was responsible for the yum smell.  My other favourite is the Japanese Honeysuckle, which is AH-MAY-ZING.

As an extra bonus they are in the most beautiful rose gold + glass jars that double as perfect make up brush holders after you have finished burning the candle!

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: Eliza Hazel Designs are offering all Mama Tribe mamas 15% off all purchases using the code ‘mamatribe’ valid till the 25th December 2017.

Mama Uniform Update

Little Party Dress is an online store stocking on trend and affordable – little party dresses!  They stock sizes 6-18, everything is under $100, they deliver in 1-3 days, $5 shipping or free when you spend over $79 and it is run by the SWEETEST lady Kelly and her adorable kitty Maggie.  Kelly takes a selfie in every design so you can get a real idea of what it’s going to look like on, and there are new designs arriving regularly!

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: use the code ‘Mama15’ to take 15% off any orders until 31st December. 




As a parent, having regular date nights can be nearly impossible – but they are OH SO VERY needed. Every now and then it’s nice to get back to being a ‘couple’ rather than ‘parents’ – but between organising baby sitters, getting home on time, everyone fed, showered and in bed, it’s not really setting the mood for a relaxing evening. If you’re anything like me, deciding where to go is a right pain in the ass too.


Enter Date Crate, a Melbourne based mama run business that delivers curated date night boxes to you monthly. Each month is a surprise new at home date experience. I have been using Date Crate myself and I cannot recommend it more!

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: The lovely gals at Date Crate have given Mama Tribe mamas 10% off all product ranges using the code “MAMATRIBE” at check out. 


Luxe bedding


Bed is my happy place, and seeing as I don’t get to spend much time in it, the time I do have there is precious! The Kate Cartel have some gorgeous bedding, I’m a fan of the French Linen Quilt Cover + the Kalani Quilted Cover, they also have some beautiful textured cushions like the Cocas + the Indra.

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: The Kate Cartel have given MT mamas a 20% off all stock excluding sale items using the code ‘mamatribe’. 


Sometimes the most important things aren’t things, or they’re things that don’t really ‘cost’ much at all. Mums are suckers for handmade cards and cute little gifts and we’ll treasure these more than anything. Now I know what you’re thinking….


Don’t worry, I’ve kept it simple.

Love Letter

Before we had kids, one birthday I asked my husband for a love letter. He was like ‘um where do I buy one of those?’. I think he would have rather give me an uncapped VISA card than sit down and write me a soppy letter but I got it in the end. And it’s one of the most special things I own. And not just because I can pull it out and remind him how much he loves me when I do something annoying.

“Let me remind you about all my endearing qualities… in your own words… I’ll start at the top…”

Fridge Magnet Timeline

The idea is, that each year for christmas you get a fridge magnet made with a/a couple of photos of you with your child/family. I have done this for my husband and his dad and it’s such a cute little tradition (and also makes it easy each year as the present is a given!). I would absolutely LOVE to have one of these myself.

Tiny Me are a cute Australian based company passionate about getting photos off your phone and into your hot little hands. They offer a 12 pack of cute little square magnets for the bargain prize of $10. At that rate your could cover your whole fridge!

Time goes really quickly, and those little hands you hold are growing every day and one day they will be as big as yours! Prints or moulds can capture this moment in time and give you something to hold on to. There are a few cute ways to do this – you can either do an ink/ paint print or make a mould (there are loads of little kits available if you want to streamline) –  why not spend the arvo with the kids creating mum a special keepsake?

My husband made a mould of his hands which we still have to this day – it says “this is the hand you used to hold when I was three'” – waahhhhh!! – how special is that!



I mentioned earlier that us mums miss out on the candid photos and often are left with blurry selfies. Well, present giver, here’s a hot tip that will have you VERY popular at Christmas.

Step 1. Make sure you take lots of CANDID snaps (or do a little orchestrated photo shoot with a message for mum!)

Step 2. Get them printed

Step 3. Get the framed

Love JK have a great poster print which means you don’t have to fiddle around with trying to get individual prints inline etc. you can just get the poster itself framed, which they can do for you or if you like you can organise it separately – whatever floats your boat. They also have personalised wrapping paper which has an ‘awwwwwwww!!’ factor of 1000.

Personalised wrapping paper

Personalised wrapping paper – seriously cute

MAMA TRIBE DISCOUNT: The lovely folks at Love JK have given us a  a 15% discount which is valid until the 31st December. Use the code “Mama-tribe” at check out!


I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas edit! May your Christmas be full of wonderful memories of the people that matter most, Pavlova, elastic waist bands, wine and enough left overs that you don’t have to cook for a week xx



Nikki is mama to one year old Arley, wife to Darren and one of the founders of Mama Tribe. She describes herself as a professional baby spammer, coffee addict and emoji enthusiast. She likes memes, boxing and shopping. She dislikes writing about her self in the third person.

You’ll find her Instagram @nikkimccahon




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