Cairns Ambassador Cassie

Meet Cassie, one of our lovely Cairns Mama Tribe Ambassadors!

Our Ambassadors are volunteer mamas who are so passionate about Mama Tribe and #nomumleftbehind that they put their hands up to spread the word about Mama Tribe in their area + to help encourage mums to meet up. We grabbed Cassie to ask her what made her decide to get involved in Mama Tribe.


Mama Tribe Cairns Ambassador Cassie

Name: Cassie

Location: Cairns

How did you hear about Mama Tribe: Another Mum suggested I check it out on a Mum online Chat.

What made you get involved:  Our family recently moved to Cairns from Melbourne leaving our entire support network back home. I knew as a first time mother i needed someone to share a latte with and I loved how Mama Tribe operated. I volunteered as an ambassador almost instantly after seeing how much of a positive, uplifting vibe was created on the page. I wanted to dive in the deep end to see where it would take me and I can honestly say it’s been nothing but wonderful experiences so far.

What it means to you: Being part of MamaTribe is a sense of belonging. It truly is a village! I love how the page is all about connecting and simply mums reaching out to other mums.

Have there been any real stand out moments or events for you: No mingle or meet up has been dissapointing. I am always amazed at how friendly, fun and down to earth the mamas are. A stand out moment for me was recently when I went for a Sunday stroll with a new member. After an hour chatting we agreed to take a taxi together to a Mums Dinner that was coming up on the page. When comparing addresses we realised we literally were next door neighbours!

Favourite quote: Ohhh its a toss up between “Girls compete with one another, women empower one another” & “Life is not like a fairytale, if you loose your show at midnight….your drunk”

We’re so grateful for the support of our volunteer location Ambassadors and we’re looking forward to featuring more of our amazing Ambassadors in the months to come!


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