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One months worth of mama tested outfits

Sometimes, getting dressed every morning can be challenging can’t it?You open your wardrobe and stare at all your clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear!?!

Particularly when you feel like you’re doing routine stuff like grocery shopping, visits to the park or running errands, you’re not always inspired to dress, let alone dress ‘well’.

Well, as a personal stylist I’m here to tell you, that you probably do have something to wear it’s just that you may not realize it yet.

Most of my personal styling clients are shocked when they realise that most of what they need for a functional, exciting wardrobe is already in their closet, it’s just they might have tired of seeing it or categorised it as ‘work’ or ‘going out’ clothes and therefore haven’t considered wearing it for the ‘everyday’.In the words of Ikea “the best day is everyday” and that’s my philosophy. I love nothing more than to revamp my clients’ closet by mixing up the lifestyle areas you might have categorized clothes in to and cross-pollinating your purchases.

Style Sense Month Outfit

When you consider the time you’ve invested over the years to create your closet, hours of online research, tracking down certain sizes, queuing for fitting rooms, trying on, taking home, returning, visits to the post office, trying on, altering….. it’s exhausting isn’t it!?!

So why aren’t you wearing those purchases? You’ve made so much effort getting them in to your house, why aren’t you wearing them outside your house?

Probably because you’re not sure:

  1. how to wear them?
  2. what to pair them with? Or
  3. how to make them appropriate for your active mum lifestyle?

That’s where I come in.

Stats tell us that we wear 20% of our wardrobe, only 80% of the time, but as a fashion stylist, I help you wear more of your clothes, more often.

What that means is that we have to delve in to other parts of your wardrobe, such as your ‘work wardrobe’ and make a smart pant appropriate for running around after a toddler. How do we do it? Chuck it on with a sneaker (just about the greatest fashion trend ever!!) If it’s a stretchy, machine washable pant, then what’s stopping you?

Style Sense Month Outfit

What about the gold pleated ‘must have’ midi skirt I argued with the hubby about, after he screwed up his face questioning ‘when are you going to wear that? I chuck it on with my denim shirt, tee’s, sneakers, sweatshirt, biker jacket etc etc… and voila, they’re the perfect Aldi outfits! In fact, it’s been one of the hardest working items in my wardrobe. See husband, I do know what I’m talking about.

Of course my initial hopes for this gold pleated skirt were that I would wear with an elegant silk camisole, party shoe and wear out to the opening night of a new Sydney hot spot, but seriously, how often do we go ‘out-out’ these days? Once, twice a month if we’re lucky? If so, that means we really only need around 10-15 going out looks per year that we could rotate for different events and we’d be ok? But yet, we still feel the need to buy in to a lifestyle we no longer have (or maybe want if we’re honest). I know I can no longer go 2 consecutive nights on the vino these days!! So nursing an un-child-friendly hang over once a month is plenty!

Why live day-to-day in clothes that don’t make you feel good, LIFE IS TOO SHORT! I know you’ve had those moments like I have when you catch a glimpse of your reflection and murmur ‘eerrghh’ under your breath, wishing we had taken just a couple more minutes to improve our appearance. I have a saying that I tell my clients;
When your outfit feels right, you don’t think about it
When your outfit feels wrong, it’s all you think about

Style Sense Month Outfit

I know some of my clients favor certain clothes because they don’t care if they get stained but don’t we just shove them all in the washing machine at the end of the day anyway?!? So does it really matter if it that lovely, comfortable top cost $30 or $80? Isn’t it better it’s worn out through your enjoyment of wearing it so much, rather than because it’s moth eaten from not being touched in the last decade?

But somehow, some of us don’t feel like we deserve to be wearing ‘nice’ clothes that make us feel good. You know, that item you’ve earmarked for an exciting event or when you finally get around to organising date night (which we all know should be more frequent). What I want to do is help you style that piece more casually to elevate your every day look and in turn, your confidence, and by wearing more of your clothes that you’ve spent all that time and money on. Not only do you get more wear from your belongings, but it saves you having to spend any more money buying something new because you re-discover something you already own! Isn’t that just being smart?We shouldn’t feel guilty about wearing our clothes, we should be feeling guilty about NOT wearing our clothes. Think of it as doing your bit for the environment (wink wink).

Style Sense Month Outfit

I’m not necessarily talking about expensive clothes – although I have been know to wear a couple of my designer handbags (my one guilty pleasure I ask family & friends to contribute towards on a special birthday) to the playground on several occasions, reason being they’re the perfect size, wipe clean, I wear them across the body so my hands are free for climbing and swinging plus it dresses up my scruffiest (and cheapest) of jeans and tee’s when I’m feeling lazy. Oh – and the fact that they’re GOWW-JUSS and bring me joy!!

The other reason is that the more I wear these few expensive items, the less my cost-per-wear becomes which is how I encourage you to calculate all your purchases. And I know that when you think about some of the big purchases certain of you might have made pre-kids that sit in the back of your wardrobe with only an annual outing, you shudder. Think how many child care days you could have paid for instead? If this is you, don’t let them sit there collecting dust, let them start collecting memories!

My approach is to start to integrate anything a bit more ’special’ in to your rotation once a month or even fortnightly and not for splashing about in the mud or walking the dog, but what about paired with denim when you’re running errands, or when grabbing a baby chino with your little one and popping to the bank? If you don’t wear them – no one else will!

Aren’t some pieces too lovely to save for ‘best’?

Style Sense Month Outfit

You see some other mums around who look so well ‘put together’ and the chances are they’ve seen me (kidding), chance are, when you break down their outfit, they’re probably wearing something that you might consider ‘dressy’, but they’re wearing it more casually so they’re still nailing ‘playground appropriateness’ but in a much more stylish and interesting way. You might have something similar in your closet, just think, there could be compliments coming your way from pieces you haven’t touched for years?So, have a little flick through my 1 month’s worth of mama tested outfits that I’ve broken down in to weeks, each with a key message about what item you could incorporate to create stronger day wear looks – and no activewear in sight! I hope you get a little inspired to start mixing up your clothes and accessories to elevate your every day. Start to shop in your own wardrobe which is what do daily, so check out my Instagram @Style.Sense for loads more every day styling inspiration plus a PINTEREST board I’ve created that takes this concept to the next level!

Fashion might not change the world but good clothes can totally change the way you feel about yourself, we all take part in fashion whether we like it or not simply by getting dressed every day, so toss aside the mama guilt let your clothes make you happy.

Still feel like you have nothing to wear…?

Article by Kim Crowley, StyleSense.

Bio: Kim Crowley

Kim CrowleyKim at StyleSense is Sydney’s leading Personal Stylist who helps everyday people look and feel better every single day. With 17 years global fashion experience, she offers practical yet stylish advice with services designed specifically for mums or mums-to-be.

If you want to discover your most flattering colours that will last forever then call Kim today 0423 617932


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