Mama Tribe background

Mama Tribe is an online community that supports and connects mums within their local area.

The brainchild of Nikki McCahon and Haley Finlayson, who both experienced crippling loneliness and isolation following the birth of their babies, Mama Tribe empowers and supports women by facilitating local face-to-face meet ups and social activities.

Finlayson and McCahon created Mama Tribe after McCahon moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast shortly before having her first child. A complicated birth saw McCahon miss the community led ‘mothers group’ sessions. Separated from her friends, McCahon found maternity leave challenging. Similarly, Finlayson left her family and social network in New Zealand to move to Australia for work. When she had her first baby, she too struggled to make friends with new mums in her area.

“After having our babies, Haley and I spent a lot of time by ourselves during the day and struggled to connect with local mums. Being an hour apart we couldn’t pop over to each other’s house if we were having an off day. Phone calls are great, but nothing compares to face-to-face interaction. After much discussion, we decided to create a platform to reach out to other mums who might be feeling the same way. We wanted to build a model much like the ancient tribes where parenting is shared with the entire community – hence the name Mama Tribe”, McCahon explained.

Both Finlayson and McCahon have been overwhelmed by the rapid growth and community spirit of Mama Tribe.

“We casually penned the motto ‘no mum left behind’ and we can’t believe how quickly and passionately this philosophy has been embraced by our members. It embodies the spirit of the group and continues to solidify a real sense of community. We hear stories of our members connecting with mums at shopping centres, cafes and in the park – this is exactly what we envisaged for Mama Tribe,” said McCahon.

Nikki McCahon bio

After welcoming her son in 2016, Nikki found herself in a new city with no friends or family nearby. Turned away from the community health run Mothers Groups, Nikki found it difficult to meet other mums in her area. As a result she spent a lot of time at home alone with her baby, and became increasingly isolated and lonely. This had a dramatic impact on her experience as a new mum, and was a contributing factor to her being diagnosed with post natal depression when her son was six months old.

Nikki is passionate about maternal mental health, and is on a mission to ensure that no mum feels lonely, isolated or without support.

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