Pack of 4 Compliment Cards


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Brighten another mamas day with our Mama Tribe compliment cards!

We want to create a wavveeeee of support and love for mamas – and what better way to do it than if we all started telling each other how amazing we (that’s you!) are?!

If you see a mama dealing with a meltdown, tantrum, juggling a baby and mum life like a total boss – slip her a little card and let her know you see her doing an amazing job!

Each card can either be kept as a little reminder OR it can be reused and passed along to another mama, creating a ripple effect of kindness and support!

The cards also include the Mama Tribe website + Facebook details so that the mums who receive the cards can join our #nomumleftbehind movement and access additional face to face support!



  • Each pack contains four (4) A6 compliment cards.
  • We only charge for the cost of postage + printing – we don’t make a profit and invest our time in packaging and posting these cards because we believe in it!
  • We’ve had our cards printed on Recycled Paper + encourage reusing or treasuring our compliment cards <3
  • Need more than four (4) cards? or want to order a bulk supply? Get in touch and we can help you out!
  • Please note that this price is for Australian postage only. Please contact us via email for international postage rates 🙂
Mama Tribe Compliment Card


Mama Tribe Compliment Card




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