no mum left behind pledge

Take the #nomumleftbehind pledge and make a public commitment to support your fellow mamas

Motherhood is a special time, but it can be also be tough and lonely gig. It’s up to each and every one of us to look out for each other. Mama Tribe and COPE want all mums to know they aren’t alone. To do this, we’ve created the #nomumleftbehind pledge.


Simply share this page to Facebook or the graphic to Insta and tell the world you’ve taken the pledge (and why if you’d like)! Tag mums in your post who make sure you’re never left behind and ask them to take the pledge too. Don’t forget to use #nomumleftbehind so we can see it too!


By taking the pledge you’re also helping Mama Tribe raise awareness for the important work of national not for profit COPE and their Ready to COPE program.

Like the pledge and Mama Tribe, one of the goals of Ready to COPE is to help women feel less alone.

Ready to COPE program is a free email newsletter that tracks with you are in your journey to help you feel more prepared and reassured as you experience the emotional realities and challenges of pregnancy and early motherhood.

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