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Become a Mama Tribe Community Supporter and make a difference in your community

If you’re looking for a way to meet new people, give back to your local community and gain skills and experience in community work, consider becoming a volunteer Community Supporter!

When you become a Mama Tribe Community Supporter you:

Spread the word about Mama Tribe and COPE

 Join our Australia wide Mama Tribe Community Supporters

Receive accredited perinatal mental health first aid training from the Centre of Perinatal Excellence

Give back to your local community + help reduce loneliness and isolation amongst mums

As a Mama Tribe Community Supporter your role will include:

  • Spread the word about Mama Tribe and COPE in your community
  • Help raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding pre/postnatal emotional and mental health
  • Promoting Mama Tribe in your local community
  • Be part of fundraising events and activities

We provide you with training to support you in your role, including accredited ‘Perinatal Mental Health First-aid Training’ and access to our national ‘Community Supporter Volunteer Group’.


Register your interest to become a Community Supporter

Complete the application form below to register your interest in becoming a Community Supporter and we’ll be in touch with you.

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  • Experience

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