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Do you have a product, service or event that you’d love to share with our community?

If it will make our mamas lives easier and more fun, then we’re all ears.

Mama Tribe

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how we could work together, we want to let you know that Mama Tribe is first and foremost a community to support mums as they navigate the highs + lows of mum life.  Our motto is #nomumleftbehind – that means inclusivity, kindness, compassion and looking out for each other.

We have huge respect for Mama Tribe mamas – they’re our friends –  and we are committed to making their lives better and brighter.

So with that said, we’re only keen to work with brands who hold the same values near to their heart – inclusivity, kindness, compassion + looking out for each other.

Now that you know what we’re all about, you’ll also love to know that:

> We’re Australia’s fastest growing and most engaged mothers network.

> Established in May 2017, Mama Tribe has grown into a community of over 60,000 mums in over 50 locations in just less than two years – that’s really quick!

> We put our mamas first, and they love us for it. We have a net promoter score of 73.2 (source: October 2018 member survey).

> We’re the only national network of face-to-face contact with mums.

> Mama Tribe is completely run by mums, for mums – we’re building our dream mama community.

Who we’ve worked with:

We’ve been featured by a range of media including:

Channel Ten
Kindling Kids Radio
Cairns Post

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