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Dear Mama,

I know you’re tired AF. I also know you probably don’t talk about it that much because you figure, so is every other mama out there. Isn’t this just part of being a mum?

Or, you might be thinking, everyone else seems to have their sh*t together! Every mama I see seems to be fine. Maybe it’s just me?

The truth is. It’s not just you.

AND you’re allowed to talk about it.

In fact, you need to talk about it. Acknowledging it as an issue and talking about it, allows you to become open to the opportunity to do something about it.

Even though I used to cry every night before going to bed because I just knew my baby would feed relentlessly overnight and I’d hardly sleep, I down played it.

I told my mother’s group I was ‘fine’.

Because I thought, well, I can’t do anything about it right? I’m just following what my baby needs of me. But fu*k, I became SO sleep deprived, that doctors thought I’d had a stroke!

The thing is, you CAN do something about it. And it doesn’t even require you leaving the house! Which is HUGE. Because some days, it’s hard enough to even manage having a shower.

Woman with children

The Juggle Is Real (Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash)

As a meditation coach and mama, I know it’s crazy beneficial to mediate.

If you think you don’t have time to meditate, then I’m going to put this out there:

Do you have time to feel tired AF?

Do you have time to feel stressed out?

Do you have time to feel like cr*p?

It might seem like another thing on your to do list, but meditation can:

  • give you more ENERGY so that you can function without endless cups of coffee (btw, a lot of coffee can really mess with your hormones, which are already messed up enough from being sleep deprived!)
  • help you RELAX so that you enjoy the time you spend with your baby instead of feeling like a crazy lady and becoming resentful of your baby (surely that’s not just me?!)
  • help you get a BETTER SLEEP so you’re not always feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus or feeling run down and getting all the bugs going around

But let’s be real. When you’re a sleep-deprived mama, you aren’t going to get up early and sit cross-legged in lotus and meditate for half an hour like a male Buddhist monk living in the mountains!

And nor should you. Us mamas are smarter than that. We know we need that time to sleep otherwise out comes crazy lady again!

Fitting meditation into your day, into what you ALREADY do, is the key!

Stuck in traffic driving to your mother’s group?


Washing dishes? Washing clothes? Washing your baby?


Standing in the check out line with your baby crying?


Haaaaaaaang on. How does this even work? Meditating while I’m driving? Grocery shopping? Doing the household chores? Baby crying? Hmmmmm.

Now there’s two ways. You can either

  1. be present with whatever you’re doing e.g. being very focused on putting dirty onesies in the washing machine (yet this is often a time when you tend to let your mind drift to the times you wore vomit-free clothes and pretty bras) OR:
  2. Breathe? Yup, breathe. So try this now (no really, try it right now):


Woman meditating

Breathe it all in. Love it all out. (Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash)


The Power Of 3 Soft Sighs

Take a deep breath in through your nose and then a long sigh out through your mouth…

(When you sigh, make sure you can hear the air coming out of your mouth)

Sigh like this three times…

And then notice how you feel…

That’s it! You just meditated! (Did you do it? If not, try it now)

Sounds ridiculously simple doesn’t it? Yet using your breath is an awesome way to start learning to meditate. AND it doesn’t require adding more to your overwhelming to do list.

Meditation releases endorphins, which are those feel good hormones you get from exercising, eating chocolate and having sex! (And with a baby, I don’t know about you, but how much exercise and sex is happening at your place?!)

So when you’re feeling tired, do 3 Soft Sighs.

Meditation triggers the relaxation response in your body. (Perfect for breastfeeding mamas who can’t have a glass of red!)

So when you’re feeling stressed, do 3 Soft Sighs.

Meditation releases melatonin in your body, which helps you sleep. (Good to know you don’t need those melatonin pills and instead use that cash for a manicure!)

So before you fall asleep, do 3 Soft Sighs.

I promise you, the more often you do these 3 Soft Sighs the better you will feel. There’s a reason why this type of breath meditation is used in prenatal classes and in birthing our babies. Tap into The Power of 3 Soft Sighs.

Guest Article from Nikki Veliz Merzliakov

About Nikki

About Nikki

I’m a survivor of chronic sleep deprivation and a stay at home mama to Maya and Baby Sol. My expertise is in nursing, yoga, meditation and reiki.

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