Hi I’m Monique, but I’m Mon for short. I am 31 (oh god I’m old) and I have 2 mini people, a pigeon pair, Rosie (5.5yrs) & Nate (19months). I want to share my story to inspire others.

I had the shittiest of shitty childhoods. I had a mentally unstable, alcoholic mother. I was sexually abused by my stepfather (and then my cousin later on down the track), I witnessed domestic violence throughout the years, moved out of home at 15 and jumped from relationships, partied, smoked weed and entered violent relationships of my own. I am an Indigenous Australian and I’ve always “been conscious” of myself. What I mean by that  is that every single time someone’s looked at me, talked to me, while I walked past them etc. I have always felt myself just just curl up like a turtle would into their shell. Can you imagine feeling this way everyday of your life?!

I met my partner who is 4 yrs younger (hehe) and who I’ve been with for 7 years.


I fell pregnant a year after we started dating and our lives changed forever. We have been through so much together. Debt, job losses, births of two beautiful angels, engaged and then selling the ring when we had no money. Family fallouts, anxiety and depression, job promotions birthdays, reaching milestones. A major obstacle for us is he has worked at the mines for most of our babies lives so I’ve been a single parent pretty much and my babies only see their daddy every other week. It’s so hard. I’ve been on antidepressants for my anxiety for most of the 7 years.

My partner inspires me though.

So much.

To be able to leave his family every week to provide for us. I cannot thank him enough.

He encouraged me to pursue my hobby and become a professional photographer.  He’s never ever ever left me! No matter what!!

I am a SAHM first and self taught photographer 2nd. My babies are my reason for being. I feel like they are my gift from the universe for all the shit I went through as a child.

My gorgeous family

And I am absolutely truly in love with those little humans of mine.

I am absolutely captivated by beautiful things and it makes my heart explode when I get to capture beautiful memories for my clients. I have met the most ahmaaaazing people and I’ve received nothing but amazing support and I am just so, so lucky. I feel I’ve found my purpose in life to look after my babies and to capture moments in time for others.

No matter what comes your way Just know that no matter what you’ve been through the day can always get better and your future can always get brighter. It’s not easy but it can happen.

If you need help or support please contact:



Beyond Blue

Lifeline Australia


Name: Monique
Location: Brisbane, Queensland.
Mama to: Aaliyah-Rose and Nathaniel a.k.a Rosie and Nate
My obsessions are photography, I loooove music (like, music legit gets into my soul and makes feel), loooove learning everything and everything about photoshop editing, I am a movie buff (Marvel mad!) Obsessed with chocolate and I like to think I have a quirky, original sense of humour, but I think really I am just annoying lol
Describe being a mama in 5 words: My absolute reason for being.
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