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“Is this normal?”

It’s a question that’s often asked by expectant or new mums. So, what if you had a parenting and pregnancy app that could provide you with answer whenever you ask this question?

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, 40 weeks (and over it!) or in the whirlwind that is the first year of motherhood, it’s essential that you’re supported and reassured by with timely, relevant and credible information about what you might be going through, or how you’re supposed to feel.

And you don’t always want to have to wait for your next antenatal or maternal health appointment. 

How to cope with weekly changes of pregnancy and early parenthood

Ready to COPE is a free app that provides clear, honest information to help you navigate the changes and challenges you might experience during pregnancy, birth, and the first 12 months of being a mum.

And because it has been created by COPE, Australia’s peak body in perinatal mental health, it’s information you can trust.

When you install the app you’ll be asked to provide your baby’s due or birth date. This clever feature means that the app will send you updates every single week that are specific to each week of your pregnancy and the first year of being a mum. 

So, not only will you be getting right information at a time when you need it the most – you don’t need to worry about being bombarded with information you don’t need right now.

Weekly updates you’ll receive during pregnancy and early motherhood cover topics like: 

  • Coping with changes to your body during pregnancy, and accepting your post-baby body
  • What to expect at ultrasound appointments
  • Coping with morning sickness 🤢
  • How to emotionally prepare for birth
  • Shopping for your baby (and what you don’t need!) 
  • How pregnancy and motherhood can impact your career
  • Navigating changes to friendships during pregnancy and motherhood
  • Common changes to relationships, sex and intimacy 
  • Coping with an unsettled baby
  • How to make new mum-friends during motherhood
  • Parental burnout, parent guilt, and how to take care of yourself
  • What might increase your risk of stress, depression and anxiety in the antenatal period, plus how to know if or when you should seek help

(This is just the tip of the iceberg!)

Manage pregnancy and postnatal appointments with this free parenting app

In addition to the weekly updates you’ll receive that are precisely aligned with where you’re at in your pregnancy or motherhood, the free parenting app helps you manage all of your antenatal appointments like ultrasounds, and appointments with your midwife or obstetrician.

You can also manage appointments for you and your baby with your maternal health nurse through the Ready to COPE app too.

But the best part?

The free pregnancy and parenting app also provides tools to support parents’ mental wellbeing.

This includes self-checks for stress, anxiety and depression. These tools provide instant reports to monitor how you’re coping over time, and access to further information and support services if needed.

The app also features a gateway to the eCOPE Directory. You can use this directory to find organisations or service providers with expertise in perinatal emotional and mental health in your local area (within Australia) and specific to your perinatal phase – from planning a family to early parenthood, and even grief and loss.


Best pregnancy app - Ready to COPE Parenting and pregnancy app - Ready to COPE Best pregnancy app for new mums


What mums are saying about this parenting and pregnancy app?

We’ve checked out online reviews for the Ready to COPE app and found plenty of positive feedback and 5-star reviews. Here’s what some users of the app are saying:

Excellent! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This app was an amazing guide during my first weeks of motherhood. It kept motherhood real and took away feelings of isolation that can creep up in the first few weeks. The weekly topics are relevant and informative. It’s a great source for reassurance and support. – Jess_Jack22

Amazing app that focuses on the parent’s wellbeing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love this app so much! It provides you with weekly updates from a clinical psychologist who gives useful and practical tips to look after your wellbeing in pregnancy and the first year after having your baby. I felt really comforted by the content each week and learnt a lot about how to look after my mental health during some tough days postpartum. The app also connected me with a wonderful mum’s group via Mama Tribe and to a directory where I found lots of useful parenting helplines! I highly recommend all parents download this free app. – AshaLouise

Support when you need it most ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This app has helped me on my darkest days struggling with postnatal anxiety and depression. Having an outlet and a tool I can use to evaluate how I’m feeling and come to terms with my emotions has been enormously helpful, and I find myself excited when I am able to update the app on a good day and look at my progress. Highly recommend. It’s fantastic. – Melbourne Mumma

Download the free app motherhood and pregnancy app

Ready to COPE is free to download. It is fully funded by the Australian Government and underpinned by the Australian Perinatal Mental Health Clinical Practice Guideline. 

iPhone users can download the app via the App Store.


If you’re an Android user, you can download the Ready to COPE app via Google play.



Do you use the Ready to COPE app? We’d love to hear what you think!



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