Best podcasts for mums

Looking for the best podcasts for mums? Here’s our pick of the pod


Motherhood is filled with love, laughter, joy… Oh, and mess, sleep-deprivation, and a sprinkling of other challenges! 

But staying informed, connected, and supported by others on the same rollercoaster ride can make the experience that little smoother. 

From expert advice to heartwarming stories, scientific insights, or straight up inspo, here are 20 Australian-based podcasts for mums to inform, entertain and remind you you’re never alone on this journey.


20 of our favourite podcasts for mums


1.This Glorious Mess

Hosted by Tegan Natoli and Leigh Campbell, “This Glorious Mess” is a candid podcast for parents that dives into the realities of it all! With topics from navigating the challenges of raising teenagers, to LOL but heartwarming parenting fails, this poddy will remind you that we’re all in this (glorious mess) together.


2. Too Peas in a Pod

Kate Jones and Mandy Hose discuss the unique experiences of raising children with disabilities. “Too Peas in a Pod” is a safe space for parents to share their stories, celebrate triumphs, and offer support to one another, and it’s a must-listen podcast for mums facing similar circumstances.


3. Parental as Anything

Hosted by ABC Radio’s Maggie Dent, “Parental As Anything” is a treasure trove of practical advice for navigating the (many!) ups and downs of parenting. From dealing with sibling rivalry to managing screen time, this is a great podcast for parenting that’ll help you take on parenting challenges and thrive.


Best podcasts for mums

Parental As Anything is  one of our fave podcasts for mums  that’ll help you take on challenges of raising kids, and thrive.

4. Feed, Play, Love

Are you a new mum or a mum-to-be,? Then Feed, Play, Love is a fantastic resource. With hosts Dr Rebecca Ray and Shevonne Hunt, this podcast delves into the world of early childhood development, offering expert advice on breastfeeding, baby sleep, play, and all the things that happen in the early years of being a mama.


5. The Happy Baby Show

This podcast is a go-to for evidence-based information on early parenting topics. Host Jen Butler is a maternal child health nurse, and The Early Parenting Podcast offers insights into child development, nutrition, sleep, and emotional well-being for you and your little one.


6. Baby Talk ABC

Unfortunately, babies don’t come with instruction manuals. But the good news? If you need in-depth conversations on parenting from pregnancy to preschool, “Baby Talk ABC” has you covered. With host Penny Johnston, you’ll hear from experts, celebrities, and real parents as they discuss the joys and challenges of parenthood.


7.  Beyond the Bump

Beyond the Bump is hosted by two down-to-earth mums, Jayde and Sophie. It’s is an oh-so-refreshing podcast that discusses all things motherhood – from pregnancy and birth stories, to postpartum experiences and beyond.


8. Australian Birth Stories

After just one episode you’ll quickly understand why this is  one of our favourite podcasts for mums! In Australian Birth Stories, over 300 Aussie mums share their unique experience of childbirth with podcast host Sophie Walker. Get firsthand accounts of pregnancy and birth – from conception, pregnancy,  preparing for birth, and caring for a newborn in the postpartum period.


9. Baby Brain

An award winning podcast hosted by Hannah Hellyer & Emma Mytka, Baby Brain shares personal experiences, listener stories (aka  “Motherhood Confessions”), and expert advice. It’s informative, relatable and fun – but doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations. With topics from pregnancy, birth, parenting and life after kids, this is a podcast for mums, created by mums. 


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10. Tales from the 4th Trimester

Naomi Chrisoulakis is a doula, and her podcast is “dedicated to the beauty and brutality” of early parenthood. While much of the pregnancy focuses on birth, this podcast acknowledges that birth is just the beginning. Postpartum, however, is forever.  Chatting to new mums about their experience, plus a variety of experts, this pregnancy and newborn podcast offers support and understanding to mums facing the physical and emotional challenges of new motherhood.


11. How Other Dads Dad

While not a motherhood podcast per se, “How Other Dads Dad” is still an excellent podcast for mums, and a great one to recommend to your babe’s dad to listen to. With funny bloke Hamish Blake, this heartwarming podcast showcases a range of dads’ insights on parenting and how fathers contribute to their children’s lives.


12. Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families

This parenting podcast offers evidence-based insights and practical strategies to  build stronger connections between parents and their children. From communication tips to discipline strategies and emotional intelligence, Dr. Coulson’s warm and relatable approach to parenting makes complex issues easier to understand and implement.


13. Is it Normal?

Expectant mums will appreciate the relatable and reassuring discussions on the “Is it Normal” pregnancy podcast. Jessie Wear is the host, and her pregnancy podcast addresses common concerns around pregnancy and birth, and helps you embrace the changes your body is going through. 


Pregnancy podcasts

Is It Normal? can help you embrace the changes your body is going through during pregnancy.


14. The Science of Motherhood

Dr Renee White’s podcast unravels the myths of pregnancy birth and being a mum, and offers advice from experts, researchers and specialists in child development, psychology, and health. “The Science of Motherhood” can provide knowledge to help you make informed decisions and mama with confidence.


15.  Working Mumma

Balancing the demands of work and motherhood is no easy feat! Carina O’Brian will help you celebrate your achievements and meet a community that’ll help you thrive personally and professionally. The Working Mumma podcast offers practical tips, inspiring stories, and strategies for managing the unique challenges faced by mums in the workforce.


16. Motherland

Motherland features interviews with mothers throughout rural Australia. Hosted by Stephanie Trethewey, this is a wonderful podcast for mums that showcases the grit, resilience and joy of motherhood, reminding mamas that while motherhood ain’t easy we’re in this together – no matter where you live.


17.  Birth, Baby and Beyond

Here’s one for expectant and new mums (and dads and grandparents!) who want an A-Z resource on pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Hosted by registered midwife Cath Curtin who shares decades of her expertise on the highs and lows (and everywhere between!) on parenting – from birth and beyond.


18. Hello Bump

Hello Bump (10 points for the cutest podcast name!) is a pregnancy podcast gem from Mamamia. It’s hosted by Jessie Stevens and Gemma Pranita who guide mums-to-be honestly and humorously through each trimester. Tune in for pregnancy ‘real talk’ – no topic is off limits – and make it through your journey knowing what to expect… Especially the unexpected!


19. Year One

This is a 12-part parenting podcast series that guides new mums through their first year. Hosts Holly Wainwright and Christie Hayes give us “honest, practical and hilarious advice” on the earliest moments of the motherhood ‘fog’, through to lighting the birthday candles on your baby’s first birthday cake. 


20. Anna Asks

Anna Cusack describes herself as a changemaker. Judging by her podcast for mums, Anna Asks (previously called “Motherhood Made Magic”) it’s easy to see why. With guest interviews, Anna helps provide answers to all of our big parenting questions, from pregnancy, parenting in the pandemic, sleep, sexuality and more. 


What are your favourite podcasts for mums that you love to listen to? Let us know in the comments.


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