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7 Easy Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers (that are actually fun!)


Rainy days with little ones don’t have to be all doom and gloom… Bad weather can actually be the perfect chance to bond with your little one.

If the storm clouds roll in (we’re talking literal, not metaphorical), try one of these easy rainy day activities that’ll keep your toddler entertained, keep mama happy, and brighten up the dreariest days. 

Oh, and did I mention you can do all of this without spending a cent?!


1. Indoor treasure hunt

Turn your house into a treasure trove of fun with an indoor treasure hunt. Hide some healthy treats (be mindful if you have pets!) or your toddler’s favourite toys around the house. Give simple clues that’ll lead your toddler from one hiding spot to the next. This activity is screen-free activity (like all of the easy toddler activities listed here) and it’ll keep your little one engaged and excited, foster their imagination, and enhance their problem-solving skills.


2. (Almost) mess-free art and craft

Unleashing your toddler’s creativity doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with a huge mess. It is possible to enjoy (almost) mess-free art projects! You can use washable markers, stickers, or washi or masking  tape on large sheets of paper. This is a great sensory exercise, and for fine motor skill development too. Add your child’s finished artwork to a wall on your house to celebrate what they’ve created! (If you don’t have these items on hand, try downloading some virtual drawing apps.)


3. Indoor picnic

You won’t need to worry about packing sunscreen, applying insect repellent, or hauling bags from the car (after you finally find a car park!) for this activity.  Instead, set up an indoor picnic in your living room – complete with their fave teddies and a basket of treats. Even when it’s not rainy outside, indoor picnics can make mealtime fun and provide everyone a change of scenery from the dining table.


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4. Disco party

Get ready to dance like no one’s watching (other than your child!). Create a playlist of upbeat kids’ songs,  clear some room to create a dance floor, and get moving with your toddler. Rainy day dance parties are a great way for you to exercise, and help boost your toddler’s mood, and their coordination too. This energetic activity might even help them enjoy a solid afternoon nap… Bonus!


5. Storytime

Children of all ages love story time – rain, hail, or shine – so use bad weather to your advantage and host an extended storytime session in the comfort of your home. Ask your child to choose some of their favourite books, and read them aloud to your child. Get into the spirit of things by using different character voices and animated expressions, or encourage your little one to act out the storyline, or make up their own ending to their stories. Reading to your child has heaps of benefits, from supporting language development and communication skills, helping them understand different experiences or emotions, and encouraging imagination. Of course, it’s also a gorgeous chance to share a snuggle💕


6. Sensory play

Setting up a DIY sensory play station is easy. Fill up buckets, tubs or containers with household items (like dry pasta, uncooked rice, sand, water, etc.), and let your child explore different textures, shapes, and colours. Incorporate toys or kitchen utensils – like mixing spoons or measuring cups –  for added fun. Or, tick off bath time by popping your little one and plastic stacking block into the bath (and ensure they remain supervised). Sensory play engages your toddler’s senses and can promote cognitive development, support fine motor skill development, and problem-solving skills. It’s also one of our favourite easy toddler activities because it’ll keep you little one entertained long enough for you to enjoy a cuppa!


7. Puppet show

It doesn’t need to be fancy; puppet shows require very little materials or preparation, and leaves very little mess behind! Grab an old cardboard box, or drape a bed sheet between two chairs as your ‘theatre’. Help your toddler make puppets out of socks, paper bags, or old gloves, and then put on a show together. Encourage your child to lead the way with their own (possibly hilarious) story, or have them re-enact a story from their favourite book. Like many of the rainy day activities  listed here, an at-home puppet show is great for your child’s imagination, supports their fine motor skills, and promotes language development.


Help us add to this list!

What easy toddler activities do you love to do at home with your child? Post them in the comments below.


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