My pregnancy went very smoothly.

I gave birth to my child a week before his due date, but I didn’t deliver him in a hospital. Instead, I gave birth in one of the places you’d least expect a baby to be born. And if the experience taught me one thing, it’s to listen to your body – you know it better than anyone

It was a normal Wednesday – apart from losing my mucus plug. Being pregnant with my first baby, I had no idea what losing my mucus plug meant, other than it freaking me out slightly.

In my panicked state, I looked it up on Goggle, which didn’t help much! So, I resorted to calling a close friend, who explained to me what was happening.

From this point, things started moving quickly.  Enroute to the hospital, I went to my Nana’s retirement home. In a slightly scared voice I explained to her what was happening. She squeezed my hand and suggested I have a shower, and call my mum to let her know what was happening too.

Over the phone I told my mum that I planned to head to the hospital once I had a shower. Mum joked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you have baby at mum’s?” Suddenly I said, “I need to go!” and abruptly ended our call.

That joke became a reality.

I sat down in the shower recess. I felt an urgency to push. After just thirteen minutes (which felt like forever) my beautiful healthy boy, Aden, was born.

We made it into the local papers on the Sunshine Coast, where we live.

On Aden’s birth certificate, his name is followed by place of birth: Sundale Retirement Village, Palmwoods.


Jaymie and her son Aden, shortly after he was born (left), and today.




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