How to Maximise Your Child Care Subsidy

As a mum with young children, you know that balancing work, family, and self-care can feel overwhelming – especially with the added pressure of the cost of childcare.


But there’s good news: the Australian Government’s childcare subsidy is designed to help families cover the costs associated with childcare services and early education, and can significantly reduce these costs. The subsidy amount varies, and depends on your family income, the hourly rate cap, and your activity level. 


Claiming the subsidy is straightforward. Apply through your Centrelink online account via myGov, providing details about your income, your child’s attendance, and your activity hours. The more activity hours you have, the more subsidsed care you can access.


So, what counts as ‘activity’? 


How to Maximise Your Child Care Subsidy Through Volunteering


Work and study are obvious ones, but did you know volunteering can translate into more affordable childcare too?


The government’s activity test allocates subsidised hours based on your fortnightly activity. For example, 8-16 hours of activity can get you 36 hours of subsidised care. Increase your activity to 48+ hours, and you could receive 100 hours of subsidised care per fortnight.


By volunteering as a Mama Tribe Ambassador, you’re not just boosting your subsidy—you’re joining a supportive network of mums who understand your journey.


How to Maximise Your Child Care Subsidy

Volunteering is a recognised Child Care Subsidy (CCS) activity that can translate into more affordable childcare.


As a Mama Tribe Ambassador, you’ll help organise Mama Mingles events, moderate online forums, facilitate connections between other mums in your group, and even receive free accredited perinatal mental health first aid training from COPE, Centre of Perinatal Excellence. It’s flexible, rewarding, and tailored to fit around family life. Plus, those volunteer hours add up towards your childcare subsidy.


If you’d like to boost your childcare subsidy and support a community that uplifts you on your motherhood journey, register to become a Mama Tribe ambassador now.


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Important: Individual circumstances can affect subsidy provided. Factors like the type of childcare service, the age of the child, immunization requirements, and more can also play a role. For more information visit:


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